The members of Cincinnati BJJ Club form a group of friends who get together to have fun. Training site is close to the Eastgate Mall.

We train Brazilian style Jiu-Jitsu in a very informal environment. There is no contract, cost or commitment. No affiliation, no syllabus. We don't provide any belt promotion or accreditation.

We also do light contact stand-up sparring. This is mainly for aerobic exercise and warm-up. It is not "Fight Club". We all have jobs we need to be able to go to, whether it is as an Engineer, Doctor, Welder, Manager, Driver, Pharmacist, Airline Pilot. The training is controlled and easy enough that it blends in with the rest of our lives.

There is only one rule: Hurt no one, including yourself.

New members are welcome. No martial arts experience required. Adults over 18 only.

For more information about location, training times, or any other questions,
contact us via E-mail, the Message Board, or Facebook.

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